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Donate Now to Change the Life of an Individual with Disabilities

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Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to maximize their independence.

Satori Works Towards Independence

Satori Johnston is an energetic, enthusiastic young woman who is pleased to make the most of the supports The PLUS Company provides.Those who work with Satori describe her as adventurous person who is always willing to try new things. Satori has lived with her provider, Samir, and his family since 2019, and loves hanging out with the family, shopping, trips to the beach and mountains, and having fun with the kids in her home.Satori is an active participant The PLUS Company Adult Education program and a member of The PLUS Pride Special Olympics Softball team.“I love taking classes,” says Satori.“I love seeing my friends and staying connected to them.I also love music, anime, Travel the World class, and learning something new every day.”Satori is also proud to earn a paycheck, thanks to the support she receives from her PLUS staff, and hopes to gain even more independence as she continues to work with her staff and provider to learn new skills.

Your donation will help Satori and others like her to learn the skills necessary to live, learn, and work as full, productive members of the community. 99% of PLUS Company clients paticipate in at least one Adult Education & Enrichment activity.

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